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      The fees listed below are in New Zealand dollars and include GST where applicable.
      If you hold pre-paid tuition funds with the TEC please contact us for the correct pricing.

     Full-time English Course Fees (25 hours per week)

        1-12 weeks: $390 per week
      13-24 weeks: $370 per week
      25+    weeks: $350 per week

     Part-time English Course Fees (15 hours per week)

      1-12 weeks: $290 per week

     English Plus Activities Course Fees
        Morning English classes: $270 per week
      Afternoon activities: $250 per week
     Additional Fees
        Course Registration: $200
      Homestay: $240 per week
      Homestay Registration: $175
      Airport Transfer: $85 one way

     Course Registration Fee includes:
Course materials
     Academic support
     Welfare support
     Email & internet access including wireless internet on campus

The minimum course length is 2 weeks
     General English courses start every Monday except on NZ Public Holidays
     The homestay weekly fee does not include bus fares
     External examination fees are not included
     Activities are not included unless part of the English Plus Activities course

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