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LTC London

Study English in the UK's Vibrant Capital City!

Opened in 1985, LTC London is a medium-sized, friendly school in the district of Ealing, an attractive and safe residential area in west London.

LTC London’s new school building has a lovely atmosphere. It is located opposite the University of West London and close to the centre of Ealing. There is always someone to help you and you are guaranteed an efficient service from the moment you book.

We have small classes on our adult English language courses: a maximum of only 12 students per class. This is smaller than most other schools in London and means our teachers can give you more individual attention.

Over 40 different nationalities study on our English courses at LTC, so there are lots of opportunities to make new friends from all over the world and have a really great experience.

We have the capacity for 220 students all year-round and300 students in the summer when we use extra classrooms near the school building. We offer General English courses and Exam Preparation courses for adult students and a range of group and individual programmes for younger students.

Because the school is located in Ealing, a suburb of west London (Zone 3), we have host family accommodation within 20 minutes’ travelling distance of the school, which is very unusual for a school in London and saves time and money.

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